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Soundtrack to Larry

The San Diego Years: 2006–?

Larry "The Al Pacino of Analogy" Gilbert
13 September

Resident of San Diego, California, U.S.A. Unofficial dual citizenships in Freedonia, Negativland, Esperantujo, Strong Badia, and the People's Republic of Casiotone.

Many more (and much more trivial) going-on in my on-line life can be seen via FriendFeed.

My old journal is still up and contains entries I made from November 17, 2000 to April 13, 2001.

Mi parolas Esperanton, kaj mi ĝuas ekkoni samideanojn; mi bonvenus salutojn de iu ajn!

DISCLAIMER: (1) If I add you to my friends list, and you don't know me, it doesn't mean I'm stalking you. (2) If I take you off of my friends list, and you do know me, it doesn't mean I hate you.

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